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7 reasons to consider the IB Diploma

Posted by Veronika R. '15 on 20/07/16 16:30

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program, founded by a non-profit Swiss educational foundation in 1968, is known as one of the most rigorous and respected university preparation programs in the world. Students experience rapid intellectual, emotional, and ethical growth in this program, which usually spans the 11th and 12th grades. The Leysin American School is proud to be authorized to teach the IB program, and we are especially thrilled to see how successful our IB students have become at gaining acceptance to the most prestigious universities in the world.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider the IB diploma:


  1. The IB diploma provides both academic breadth and academic depth.

    Students pursuing the IB diploma get a chance to explore a variety of options before they go to university. They study six core subjects — including two languages and courses chosen from science, math, social studies, and the arts — and they select three of those subjects to study at a more intensive level.


  2. Learning extends beyond the classroom.

    The IB program is academically rigorous, but it also goes beyond academic learning. Special components of the syllabus encourage reflection and experiential learning.

    One of the core principles of the IB program is that it teaches students to learn how to learn. The required Theory of Knowledge course gives students an opportunity to reflect on how they know what they know. That reflection includes questions such as “What counts as evidence in a particular situation?” and “How does a specific theory work in the real world?”

    IB students also complete creativity, activity and action (CAS) projects. Students select projects that are personally challenging and that involve actions with significant outcomes. Thoughtful planning and reflections on the outcomes are essential parts of the projects.


  3. Students become global citizens.

    Through the IB diploma program, students learn to look at the world through different cultural perspectives. They study two languages, which provides an essential foundation for becoming truly engaged in the 21st century world.

    All of the IB coursework emphasizes an international perspective, but the Theory of Knowledge course, in particular, focuses on considering the role and the use of knowledge both inside and beyond the students’ own cultures. Students gain a perspective that enables them to be effective in an increasingly interconnected world.


  4. The IB diploma program is recognized worldwide.

    Earning an IB diploma puts students on a path to success, both in higher education and in their careers. Studies show that IB students are 21 percent more likely to be admitted into the United States’ most prestigious universities. Diploma program students are sought after in universities throughout the world, and they have applied to institutions of higher learning in nearly 90 countries.


  5. The IB program gives students skills for life.

    In addition to being challenged academically, students are challenged to grow personally. They develop skills in the IB program that will serve them well throughout their lives, in their multiple roles — going on to higher education, building a career, growing a family, and becoming involved with their communities and with the world beyond. Students learn to think critically and to challenge assumptions and to consider issues from both a local and a global perspective.

    A key component of the IB diploma is the required extended essay. Researching and writing the essay not only provides excellent practical preparation for future university work, but it also enables students to develop crucial skills in analyzing knowledge that will help them succeed in any career path they choose.


  6. Students start thinking outside of the box.

    In all of its components, the IB diploma program emphasizes critical thinking. By learning to challenge the information and interpretations they are given, students develop the ability to understand and meet the needs of a varied and constantly changing world.


  7. Students become innovative, compassionate, and responsible.

    Above all, the IB program’s Theory of Knowledge teaches students to become flexible thinkers, an essential attribute for becoming the leading-edge innovators of the future. Students also develop respect and compassion through being exposed to a multiplicity of viewpoints. This compassion and flexibility, combined with the knowledge gained through rigorous academic learning, provide fertile ground for young people to develop into responsible and engaged adults. 


Why Leysin American School?

The Leysin American School, located in the French-speaking region of the Swiss Alps, is an ideal place to study the IB program. We are a truly international school, with students from more than 50 nationalities. A core goal of the IB program is to develop students’ abilities to be flexible, effective, and engaged when immersed in other cultures. Our diverse student body complements this goal perfectly. By forging lifelong friendships while living and studying with people from all over the world, our students find that their daily lives and the skills they develop in IB merge together.

At LAS, we are committed to helping our students reach their full potential, and the rigor of the IB program has proved a potent way to do that. The outstanding preparation the IB program provides has enabled our students to gain admittance to and thrive at distinguished universities and colleges in the U.S., Europe, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and more, including Oxford, Stanford, Amherst, the University of Chicago, University College London, and the University of Edinburgh. Please contact us for more information.



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