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7 things every LAS Summer student must try!

Posted by Emily Gain on 08/05/17 10:49


Attending the LAS Summer program provides a chance to try out new activities and interests. You can enjoy the stunning outdoor surroundings, amazing foods and interesting cultural experiences. By having a few activities in mind to try, like the 7 listed below, students can get the most out of their time in the Summer in Switzerland program.

LAS Summer 2018 begins with the first session on June 24. Act fast and apply online to reserve your spot and try out the amazing activities available in Switzerland this summer! 

1. Whitewater Rafting


Get out with friends on white-water rafts or on kayaks to enjoy the beautiful rivers and lakes. Try out the rapids for a fast-paced experience in the raft or float along in gentle currents for a chance to enjoy the stunning views. 

Try a day tour to learn about the local area and stories. The water rafting tours point out interesting facts and sights without leaving the water.

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2. Trying the Local Foods


Visiting a new location requires attention to the local foods, and Switzerland has some of the most interesting culinary experiences to delight your taste buds! While the chocolate is an amazing dessert, the fondue is an important part of the country’s history. Try out the fondue or opt for the iconic Rosti.

If you want something a little off the beaten path, then try the tartiflette. Tartiflette is inspired by the combination of French and Swiss flavors, which makes it an unexpected and interesting food option. Delight in the amazing array of foods, including fun cheeses and chocolates.

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3. Climbing the High Ropes


Switzerland is an area with many outdoor activities. Test out your ability to keep going with the high ropes. Climb as high as possible on different high ropes to advance in your skills and abilities.

Go with friends for a fun competition or opt to work on the course alone for a chance to focus on improving your skills. Since you have carabins in place during the entire course, the high ropes are a safe outdoor activity for an unexpected adventure. Take in the amazing views during the climb and enjoy the differences throughout the course as you reach new areas and angles. 

4. Paddle Boarding


The lakes and waterways offer several activities for LAS Summer students. If white-water rapids or kayaking seem difficult or uncomfortable, then opt for paddle boarding. 

Paddle boarding occurs on smooth and quiet water ways, so it does not require excessive skills; however, it tests and improves your balance. Stand up on the board and use the paddle to get around on the water. Take in the amazing views and enjoy the opportunity to control your movements over the water. 

5. Dancing in the Night


Bring your dance outfits to LAS Summer for a night out on the town! Get ready for a night of dancing and fun with friends by dressing up and getting out on the dance floor!

During LAS Summer, you have several opportunities to dance through the night. Try out a few different dance environments during the trip. Just make sure to bring your favorite clothes and shoes for a night on the town.

6. Climbing in the Mountains


Switzerland is famous for the Alps and the mountains. Although the summer months do not provide the opportunity to enjoy certain outdoor activities, you can try out mountaineering and mountain climbing during LAS Summer.

Start from the beginning with a basic mountaineering class when you arrive in Switzerland. Discover the skills required to hike and climb the mountain. Spend the day on the mountain trails with a guide and your friends for a chance to explore the beautiful natural surroundings without any interference. 

Take advantage of the activities time during LAS Summer and try out the different mountaineering paths. The paths have different difficulty levels, so you can start from the beginning and learn the basics of climbing in the beautiful Alps or you can improve your existing skills with more difficult paths. 

7. Lake Geneva Rowing


Lake Geneva is stunning. A simple way to enjoy one of the largest lakes in Western Europe is on a paddle boat or a rowboat. Rent a boat with a friend or opt for a small, personal rowboat. Get out on the water and row to different areas of the lake.

Enjoy the beautiful water and the stunning views of the mountains. Rowing on Lake Geneva is perfect during a clear and bright summer day. Get out with a group of LAS Summer students and friends for a chance to explore the lake from the top of the water as a group.

LAS Summer students have an opportunity to try out new experiences and make memories for a lifetime! Enjoy the beautiful summer weather and the amazing outdoor activities during your summer excursion.

LAS Summer 2018 begins with the first session on June 24. Act fast and apply online to reserve your spot and try out the amazing activities available in Switzerland this summer! 

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