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A new era for sports at Leysin American School

Posted by Brittany Howes on 23/09/16 18:53



Today saw the official opening of the “Magic Mountain Athletics Center” at Leysin American School in Switzerland. This multi-purpose state of the art sports facility provides a wide range of sports options for LAS students and replaces the “Goathouse,” the former sports hall at LAS.

Among the many sports catered for are basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis as well as a cardio and fitness center. Central to the main gym are the indoor climbing wall, running track and a rooftop court for football. Combined with the new dance center recently added on campus and the addition of Mindfulness classes, Leysin American School has shown a clear intention to provide students with the best facilities and instruction on keeping a healthy body and mind. 






The official opening was marked by a ribbon cutting ceremony overseen by Christoph and Marc-Frederic Ott. The guest speaker was Mr. Gilbert Felli, former Executive Director of the International Olympic Committee and it was an emotional moment for Mrs. Sigrid B. Ott, grandmother to Christoph and Marc-Frederic and co-founder of the school. Mrs. Ott recently celebrated her centenary earlier this month on September 13 and it was a fitting gesture that Mrs. Ott cut the ribbon on the new sports hall, as she had done previously over 40 years ago on the first sports facility at LAS.




She and her late husband, Fred C. Ott, founded Leysin American School in 1960 and the American College Switzerland in 1963. These pioneers in the transition of the community of the town of Leysin from a sanatorium treatment resort into a world-class center for international education and tourism were named “Honorary Citizens” of Leysin in June 2007 by the Town Council.

Many invited guests and students of LAS who have now been using the MMAC for the last couple of weeks attended the event. The addition of the Café 7, with seating for over 50 students has made the MMAC a meeting place for students, bringing them closer together. The seating capacity at sports events is now over 300 students helping to create a great atmosphere at LAS sports events at MMAC.



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