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All you need to know about Summer in Switzerland "streams"

Posted by Mark Kolman on 08/05/17 13:19


What is a stream?

We use the word “stream” to describe our subject areas of focus. By categorizing our academic and activity offerings in this way we hope to make it easier to understand the goals of the Summer in Switzerland program. In terms of academic enrichment class offerings we have identified three specific areas that provide a solid and interesting opportunity for students of any age. Though the specific classes we offer may change from one summer to the next you can be sure that any new class offerings will fall into one of these three streams.

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Why have different streams?

Parents and students choose SIS for many different reasons. Some families are looking for a “summer camp” experience while others are seeking a “summer school” experience. At SIS we are able to provide both. 

Students who want a summer school experience can select classes within a single stream for an immersive academic experience. Students who are seeking a summer camp experience can select courses from several streams for a varied yet stimulating experience. Either way, parents can feel good knowing that all our classes are designed to reinforce foundational academic skills necessary for students to be successful in school and beyond. 


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How do the streams differ by age group?

Alpine Adventure (7-11 year olds)

For students in this age group the emphasis is not on gaining knowledge, but rather fostering curiosity. Both classes and activities are designed to teach AA students skills and behaviors that lead to academic and personal success. Three of our academic streams are represented in AA course selections: Language, STEM and Liberal Arts. However, teaching methods and collaborative classroom activities ensure students exercise artistic and creativity abilities as well as entrepreneurial skills. 

Alpine Exploration (12-14 year olds)

Students in this age group are practiced students, but they are still building a foundation for academic success. The five streams offered at SIS are high interest areas that provide SIS teachers the opportunity to teach skills through subjects that are interesting and applicable in their young lives.

2017 Alpine Exploration Courses

Alpine Challenge (15-18 year olds)

At this age some students may have thought about careers or life after school, most have not. The five streams in the SIS program represent industries, skills, and knowledge we feel are an integral part of a 21st Century education. 

2017 Alpine Challenge Courses

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Mark Kolman is the Director of the Summer in Switzerland program. 


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