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LAS Digital Imaging Students Getting Real World Experience

Posted by Keegan Luttrell on 18/05/15 08:28

Students in this semester's LAS Digital Imaging class had Skype sessions with two different graphic designers who are located in the United States. The first was a freelance designer from Memphis (www.mollymcpeake.com) and the other was a design team (www.twincollective.com) from Baltimore. Each student had to ask them questions about their career, projects and style of design. 


Students were then asked to create and “pitch” their own chocolate company. They designed chocolate labels and business cards and had to sell their chocolate brand to a panel of esteemed judges (Mrs. Marge Luttrell, Ms. Everett and Mr. Paddick). In the end, students were scored based on how convincing their sale was. 
The results of this project were incredible. Our class created chocolate that combined cultures, that could be played as games, that was intergalactic, and that was geared towards a target audience. This was the culmination of our unit on graphic design and each team applied their skills from previous projects into this 1 final piece. Here are a few examples!


To view the tutorials the Digital Imaging Students created, click on the links below! 

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