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Meet LAS edge’s Ania Gruszczynska!

Posted by Emily Gain on 10/05/18 10:57


Where are you from?

Warsaw, Poland.

What is your position at LAS Summer in Switzerland?

I am the LAS edge Director. Some of my responsibilities include admissions, communicating with guest speakers, planning museum and company visits, and helping with sales and marketing. During the summer I will be overseeing the whole program and making sure everything runs smoothly.

What about our new program are you most excited for?

The fact that it has never happened before. There’s nothing we are basing this on, this is all our own project and we will grow together with the program as it happens. There’s a lot of space for feedback and for creating the program together with staff members as well as with students. It will be exciting to see how it evolves over the years, and how it evolves throughout the three weeks that we have this year.

How long have you been working for LAS Summer in Switzerland? What brings you back every year?

This is going to be my fourth year. Before I was working with the youngest group. I’ve been a dorm head and a teacher and a rec staff—I’ve been through all of it! I love coming back to this area so Leysin definitely always brings me back. I also love seeing the impact we have on children and how they enjoy everything and how excited they are about what we can bring to them. It’s always different every year—the staff members and the students that come, they just make it unique with every session

12182407_1166611600019673_1339485171497763277_oDid you ever go to summer camp? If so what is your favorite memory?

I’ve been to so many different ones! I have this one memory. In one of the camps I went to we had these envelopes that we put our names on, and we had a wall and you would just leave your envelop and then anyone could put a note for you inside. It was interesting because there was a girl who lived in the same town as me in Poland, and I didn’t get to meet her for the whole program, like two weeks, and then at the end we just met and realized we were from the same small town. In the end she left a note for me, and now we are best friends! So that was a fun memory.

What advice would you give to a first time camper?

Be open to new friendships. Be out there! … And don’t use your phone too much!

Swiss chocolate or Swiss cheese?

Swiss chocolate! But it’s a difficult choice.

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