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LAS Summer’s Mountain Leadership Development Program

Posted by Emily Gain on 29/01/18 16:09


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With its striking scenery and towering mountains, it’s no surprise Leysin was once the center of the British mountaineering scene in Switzerland. The footpaths call out to the adventurous, expeditions waiting to be undertaken, and memories waiting to be made. LAS Summer’s new Mountain Leadership Development Program seeks to make the most of this extraordinary location in a twelve day hands-on course teaching the essentials of navigation, first aid, excursion planning, and the selection and use of mountaineering equipment.

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Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 16.01.47.pngBeyond practical knowledge, this unique Alpine experience will also equip students with valuable skills including environmental awareness, self-reliance, and teamwork. Many of the abilities they develop also align with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award—a youth achievement award that is widely recognized by universities and employers and highly sought after by many students.

Indeed, exploring the Swiss Alps and developing a personal relationship with their mountainous trails cultivates a special connection with nature and the outdoors. During hikes and overnights, students are able to learn about the environment and the importance its health has to our future. Leysin makes the beauty of the mountains easily accessible and highlights for students the importance of environmental responsibility and stewardship.


Through the Mountain Leadership Program students will also develop a sense of self-reliance. As they work with fellow campers and a Mountain Guide to navigate and make decisions about how to take care of their own comfort and needs, students will learn about the strengths they can bring to a team environment including resilience, coordination, creativity, and positivity. Exploring and mountaineering also have ways of bringing together students from all around the world and unifying them as they rely on each other and work together in new circumstances.

The mountains surrounding Leysin offer a quality of experience that is difficult to find elsewhere. The hikes and climbs offered in the area are accessible and safe, in addition to being spectacularly beautiful, and as such are an excellent place to learn the fundamentals of mountaineering.


We hope to see you in Leysin this summer for this unforgettable experience!


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