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The Nightmare Before Christmas - LAS Edition

Posted by Emily Gain on 24/01/18 10:37

Christmas came late to Leysin this year! On January 18th and 19th the LAS Theater Group brought to life Tim Burton’s stop-motion classic film, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Directed by our very own Fine and Performing Arts teacher, Bryan Albertson, over 45 actors and crew members came together and put in countless hours of hard work and rehearsal time to put on a spectacular show.

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The musical follows the storyline of Jack Skellington, a resident and revered member of Halloween Town. Halloween Town has always been responsible for making the 31st of October a spooky success, but when Jack comes across a mysterious door that leads him to the magical world of Christmas Town, he is awe-struck and becomes dissatisfied with his own holiday. With the assistance of some shady trick-or-treaters, Jack kidnaps Santa Claus and vows to take over Christmas. Jack decks himself out in a Santa Claus outfit and enlists the entire town to help him make presents, prepare a sleigh, and get ready for the big day. With some unexpected slip ups delivering presents on Christmas Day however, Jack eventually comes to realize that his true passion remains with Halloween; he decides to return home to release Santa and restore Halloween Town to its former ghoulish glory.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 10.13.27.pngWith some wonderful vocal talent, excellent set design, and masterful lighting and sound added to the mix, LAS’s rendition of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” would certainly have made Tim Burton proud. Taking some artistic license, the theater group even decided to bring the audience into their performance, providing them with lyric sheets to join in on the musical numbers, and sending actors out into the crowd, bringing viewers right into the world of Halloween Town. Truly, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” was a shining representation of the strengths of our boarding school family, from the tireless student actors and crew members, to the technical support and advising from the IT department, to the assistance of our music teachers.

Now, with yet another great production under their belt, we can’t wait to see what the LAS Theater Group has in store for us next!

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