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Student Profile: Fredie 

Posted by Michelle Starke on 26/02/18 15:14

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Fredie, 11th Grade, Germany

M: What classes are you taking?
F: I take English B HL, Biology HL, Geography HL, History, Theory of Knowledge, and Self Study. I like English a lot because it's the same teacher as last year and I like biology. It's probably my hardest class but I enjoy the class in general. The teacher is nice, the students I'm with are nice.

M: What about the class is interesting? 
F: In my class there are 10 students. When we do experiments, we can really focus on it. In my previous school in Germany there were like 30 kids in one class and when we did an experiment, only 5 would do it and the rest were just watching. So I like the smaller size here.

M: What has your roommate and dorm experience been like?
F: I really like our dorm leader as a person, he makes jokes at dorm meetings that are actually funny. This year I chose my roommate and I'm happy with my roommate. He's Dutch, so when he speaks in his mother tongue I can understand him and when I speak German he can understand me. But to make it easy we both speak in English.

M: You said you're also on the Tennis team? What's that like?
F: During the summer we have tennis Mondays and Wednesdays, and then during the winter because of skiing we meet only on Mondays. At the beginning we have tryouts and the team is good. We are all about the same level. If you are really good, you can take extra lessons on Fridays or Thursdays if you ask the coach.

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