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LAS summer's Academic Program

Posted by Emily Gain on 24/02/18 14:39

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.52.25 PM-1.pngLAS summer’s new Academic program allows students to develop knowledge and skills in a variety of core and curiosity-driven classes. Class options come in two streams. Accelerator courses focus on advancing a student’s understanding of important school subjects, while the Explorer stream exposes them to a range of alternative topics designed to keep intrigue and inquisitiveness at the forefront of their minds. Students may choose two classes from any of the courses offered.

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LAS summer 2018 Accelerator classes include:

  1. Mathematics

From puzzles to practical applications, math can be found anywhere and everywhere. In the LAS summer Mathematics course, students will learn to conduct mathematical investigations, navigate mathematical processes, and develop an understanding of the way math is used in real-world scenarios.

1656_0339.jpg2. Computer Programming

The Computer Programming class lets you mix together creativity and logical thinking to create 3D animations. Students will learn the Alice programming language and use their newly developed skills to set their imagination loose!

3. Behavioural Economics

Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology… and Economics? Less frequently recognized as a social science, but equally important, behavioural economics helps us to understand how money influences people. Learn about economic principles, the lingo you need to know to understand today’s news, and how humans are affected by the economic risks they take!

4. Global Leadership

A leader isn’t just the loudest person in the room—there are a lot of different, important, and sometimes even surprising traits that can be found in an effective leader. The interactive Global Leadership class is one which encourages students to identify, improve, and use their own leadership skills. Whether you are interested in self improvement or envision yourself becoming the next great leader of your country, this course is for you!


Exploratory classes this year include:

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.33.36 PM.png

1. Code Cracking

From online banking to emailing, many of the everyday transactions we use the internet for require the use of security systems. The LAS summer Code Cracking course teaches students about the centuries-old science of cryptography and the math and science that goes on behind the scenes when we’re looking at a screen.

2. Robotics

How can a string of numbers and letters written on a computer translate into a robot’s controlled movement? Find out in Robotics class! This course will introduce you to programming techniques essential to robotics and challenge you as you work to understand and solve complex problems.

3. Unsolved Mysteries

Humans have proven themselves to be pretty smart over the course of history, but there are still a few mysteries in our world that would have even Sherlock Holmes scratching his head. Why do things seem to disappear every so often around the Bermuda Triangle? What’s the story behind Easter Island? Have witches or ghosts ever roamed the earth? Let your curiosity guide you in the Unsolved Mysteries class as you practice effective research techniques and investigate some of the world’s greatest mysteries.

4. The Art of Science

Discussions of art and science don’t often seem to overlap, but in the Art of Science class you’ll learn to merge the two! Learn the critical role art plays in fields like engineering, math, and technology, and learn to represent abstract scientific ideas through creative works. If you’ve always been interested in the sciences, but are looking for a new, hands-on, creative approach to understanding difficult concepts, then this class is for you!


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