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TEDxYouth@LAS Part 1

Posted by Marta Krause on 20/03/16 09:51



Last month LAS hosted an extraordinary event - the TEDxYouth@LAS conference. With a license from the TED organization a group of students have worked since April 2015 to put together this special conference. Below, you will find the first 2 of 9 videos which we will be publishing in the upcoming weeks. Enjoy! 

Asexuality: my Story of Self-exploration | Chantal Kelly | TEDxYouth@LAS

Chantal talks about her personal story of self-exploration and especially her discovery of her own sexuality. She discusses what asexuality is and how we can educate ourselves to be more aware as well as supportive of asexual people. The humor of her talk will leave you laughing, and the exceptional topic constitutes superb food for thought.


Girls Adoption and the Role of Women in Indian Society | Jenna Skove | TEDxYouth@LAS

By sharing her personal story of being adopted from an Indian orphanage by American parents, Jenna explores the cultural challenges faced by new-born baby girls in India. In her captivating talk she shares both her personal experience of adoption while relating this to the ongoing plight some Indian women still encounter and its impact on these baby girls.



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