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TEDxYouth@LAS Part 3

Posted by Marta Krause on 01/05/16 09:16



Last month LAS hosted an extraordinary event - the TEDxYouth@LAS conference. With a license from the TED organization a group of students have worked since April 2015 to put together this special conference. Below is part 3 featuring 4 additional TEDx videos. Click here to see part 1 and here to see part 2. Enjoy! 

HUNGER | Bracken Darrell | TEDxYouth@LAS

Bracken Darrell, invites us to consider the role hunger plays on our path toward achieving success. He offers that the rules to success are surprisingly simple. Join him to listen to his philosophy of “hunger.”

Bracken P. Darrell is the current CEO of Logitech. He holds an M.B.A. degree from Harvard Business School and a B.A. degree in English from Hendrix College in Arkansas.
Before joining Logitech, he lived in Germany and Switzerland for eight years.
Prior his CEO position, he was the President of the Europe, Middle East and African division as well as President of Whirlpool and held a management position with PepsiCo.
Mr. Darrells hobbies include, participating in triathlons, playing basketball, he is interested in art and design.


Searching the Meaning in Alpine Adventure | John Harlin | TEDxYouth@LAS

A renowned mountaineer, adventurer and environmental activist, John Harlin was raised in our village of Leysin, Switzerland. John takes us on the journey of his life search for the endless summit and tells the tale of how he retraced the footsteps of his father. A father who ultimately died on the first expedition to summit the north face of the Eiger 50 years ago.

John Harlin III is a renowned mountaineer, prize winning author, and speaker.
He is the son of the acclaimed alpinist and founder of the International School of Mountaineering, John Elvis Harlin II. He is the author of several books including The Climber’s Guide to North America and The Eiger Obsession: Facing the Mountain that Killed my Father. He has also worked in editorial positions of numerous mountain magazines including Backpacker, Summit, and The American Alpine Journal. He is the subject of the IMAX film The Alps which centers on his ascent of the north face of the Eiger where he retraces the route that killed his father.
He graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree in Environmental Biology where he was elected “Outstanding Graduating Senior in Biological Sciences.” He is now the Director of the LAS Alpine Institute, a new center for mountain science, sport, environment, and culture at the Leysin American School.


War | Franz Stefan Gady | TEDxYouth@LAS

What is war, and how has war changed in the 21st century? Franz-Stefan Gady shares insights and warnings from a journalistic and scholarly perspective on the danger of changing perceptions of war in light of recent technological advancements. His unique prespective draws from his experiences as a journalist embedded in Afghanistan and as a Senior Fellow with the West East Institute.

Franz-Stefan Gady is an Associate Editor with The Diplomat. He also is a Senior Fellow with the EastWest Institute. Franz-Stefan has reported from a wide range of countries and conflict zones including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan. His writing and photos have appeared in The International New York Times, BBC News, Foreign Affairs Magazine, Foreign Policy Magazine, The National Interest, Vice News, The Middle East Eye, The Christian Science Monitor, Profil, Der Standard, and Die Presse among other publications.
He has worked previously as an adjunct research assistant at the Institute for National Strategies Studies of the National Defense University in Washington, D.C., focusing on regional security issues. He was also an analyst for the Project on National Security Reform, a congressionally funded nonprofit organization founded to reform the national security structure of the United States. He holds an M.A. in Strategic Studies/International Economics from Johns Hopkins Univ.





How I discovered a test for pancreatic cancer | Jack Andraka | TEDxYouth@LAS

Jack shares with us details of his discovery as well as he makes a point about accessibility of scientific research.

Jack Andraka is an American investor, scientist and cancer researcher. He is known for his new, rapid, inexpensive and patent pending method to detect presence of pancreatic, lung and ovarian cancer.
The idea to find the pancreatic cancer test came to him in a biology class when he was studying antibodies and carbon nanotubes. He then did some research about cancer biochemistry and decided to contact the 200 professors at John Hopkins University and National Institutes of health with a plan and a budget. Only after 199 rejections he a positive reply from Anirban Maitra.
Jack Andraka’s hobbies include: white-water kayaking, folding origami, and watching Glee and Bones.

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