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Top 5 Skills You Will Gain at LAS Summer

Posted by Emily Gain on 12/10/17 15:36

One of the most exciting parts of starting a new school year is spending time with your friends, talking about what you did over the summer and appreciating all the ways each of you have changed. Returning to school after a summer of exploring everything the Swiss Alps has to offer is sure to add to your sense of “new year, new you”.

1. Bravery

Bravery.pngOur programs provide a safe and welcoming space to test your personal limits. This could simply mean choosing to live away from home and traveling to a foreign country for the first time. It could be taking on a role in the theatre production, or learning a new skill like coding or playing ukulele. Or perhaps your version of bravery is more adrenaline-infused, testing out extreme sports like parapenting and whitewater rafting. Whatever your goals are, Leysin offers a beautiful stage and a host of encouraging staff members to cheer you on as you challenge yourself.

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2. Global Mindedness

LAS Summer completely immerses its students in new cultures. While you stay here you can familiarize yourself with Swiss culture and geography during excursions to places such as Geneva, Zermatt, and Lausanne. You’ll also become


 more globally aware through day-to-day interactions with roommates and friends from all over the world, and international night–an evening event where Belle Époque rooms are decorated and filled with information about different countries; you’ll then take a quick “trip around the world”, learning about different cultures as you go.

3. A Passion for keeping healthy & active

Living in Switzerland opens the door to so many new ways to keep active – it’s hard not to develop a passion for health and fitness when you’re surrounded by mountain hiking trails, two sports centers, a horseback riding stable, and a climbing wall. So, grab your running shoes and get ready to get in shape and feel great!

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4. Responsibility

It’s exciting to live on your own for the first time! With that experience comes a sense of responsibility. Your time at LAS Summer will help you to gain a newfound sense of independence taking on tasks such as doing your own laundry, being accountable for keeping your room clean, and learning how to manage your pocket money. Your parents are sure to be impressed!

5. Team Leading & Teamwork


Summer camp is the perfect place for you to explore what it means to be an effective member of a group. You’ll have lots of chances to take charge and help your peers to plan the upcoming school dance or lead your faculty family to victory in the Family Olympics. Or, if being a group leader isn’t your style, you can exercise your teamwork skills preparing for a talent show performance with your friends or putting together an award-worthy video with classmates for your “Social Media Video Production” class. There’s a place and role for everybody!


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