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LETS Fosters Citizen Science in the Classroom

Posted by Dan Patton on 10/03/16 14:23
An afternoon in late September finds the forest above the Savoy building on the   Leysin  American School campus abuzz with activity. LAS students withmeasuring tapes, compasses, picks and shovels, scramble over slippery logs on a quest of scientific discovery. Small student groups fan out over the approximately ten hectare span of spruce, fir, and larch trees, honing their investigative ecology skills in anticipation of an upcoming environmental data collection blitz known as the LETS study.
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Introducing the LAS Alpine Institute

Posted by John Harlin on 25/02/16 18:00

LAS challenges students and it is meant to do so. Each year, hundreds of students from around the world take residence on one of the most beautiful places on this planet. The LAS Alpine Institute inspires students to break free from preconceptions and love and learn from Leysin’s landscape, undergoing personal growth in the process. The LAS Alpine Institute builds a connection to one’s local environment while developing the physical and teamwork skills vital for developing children into healthy adults.

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A LAS Student's Road to Valedictorian and University Success

Posted by Veronika R. '15 on 28/07/15 14:23

At the Leysin American School, students undergo an unparalleled educational journey, gaining valuable life experience and acquiring the tools to accomplish the most challenging of goals. Parents seeking a reputable institution in the Swiss countryside choose LAS when it comes to providing their children a highly competitive but unique and fulfilling boarding school experience. If you think a global lifestyle is right for your child, consider the Leysin American School's top-notch academic instruction set against its culturally-rich central European location. 

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Top 10 Destinations in Europe for a High School Student

Posted by Veronika R. '15 on 16/06/15 09:20
Leysin American School students are quite the European travelers by the time they graduate their senior year. With Cultural Trips (read more about this here) offered twice a year to various European cities and long weekends available for excursions, travel is an integral part of the curriculum at LAS. The 2015 LAS Valedictorian, Veronika R., is one of these experts and she's given us her top 10 destinations in Europe for a high school student. Let us know what you think! 
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International Award at LAS - Bronze Adventurous Journey

Posted by John Harlin on 18/05/15 10:39

The Ice Saints put a strong dose of adventure into our first International Award Bronze Adventurous Journey at LAS.

The snow started flying as we hiked out of the Fishbowl on May 15 and was 10cm deep by the time we reached our campsite at Solacyre. Cold wet fingers didn't help as we set up our tents in the storm and crawled into sleeping bags to warm up before dinner.

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Why Leysin American School?

Welcome to Leysin American School, a school with “family” values. Located in the breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps, Leysin American School has a history of nurturing talent and motivating students to succeed in education, sports and arts. We bring together students from around the world to create a campus community with a global perspective and a family atmosphere.

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